ICTO 2015

12 - 13

ICTO 2015: The Past, Present, and Future of Information and Communication Technologies in Organizations and Society

PARIS   March 12 and 13,  2015

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The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Business and Society

Today, Artificial  Intelligence is shaping human activity in organizations and in society. But,  what do we know about their design, their usage, and their impact?  

This conference is concerned with these Information Systems, shedding light on how they are, and how they will be understood, adopted, implemented, adapted, and used within organizations and more generally, within the society as a whole.

The main focus will be on how actors understand the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to support organizational activities and hence how they adopt and adapt these technologies to achieve their goals.


We are interested in different areas of the organization's strategy through new business models, competitive strategies, knowledge management, etc. Specific areas are concerned such as marketing, human resource management, project management, operation management, innovation management, etc.


Artificial Intelligence in Security and Defence
Beirut,  March 26th - 29th 2019
ICTO2018 was organized at Paris Nanterre University by ICTO
ICTO2017 was organized at Paris Nanterre University by  ICTO

ICTO2016 was organized in Paris by  ICTO

Francesca Ricciardi and Antoine Harfouche
selected the Best papers of the ICTO2015 conference in a Springer book series Lecturer Notes in Information Systems and Organisation.
The title is: 

"Information and Communication Technologies in Organizations and Society: Past, Present and Future  Issues"

ICTO2015 Awards

Best Paper Award ICTO2015
Alessandra Lazazzara and Stefano Za. How Subjective age and age similarity affect organizational knowledge sharing: A conceptual framework
Best Paper Award French Session
Frédéric Gautier et Nizar Ghamgui. L'entrepreneuriat comme cycle de structuration
Best Paper Award Doctoral Consortium
Best Review Award French Session

Best Review Award English Session

Best Review Award DC
Jessie Pallud
Sami Dakhlia

Daniele Pederzoli

   Opening Session
Thursday March 12, 2015 Afternoon)

  Plenary Session
Thursday March 12, 2015 Afternoon)

  Closing Session
Friday March 13, 2015 At 5:30 PM)


Welcome to the ICTO2015 conference that was organized in the heart of Paris

at the ESCE  Paris Campus

at 5 minutes from the Eiffel Tower

ICTO2015 is:

    3 keynote speakers

    4 roudtables (with 3 presentations each)

    13 Countries (France, Italy, United Kingdom, Canada, United States, Austria, Singapore, Lebanon, Greece, Tunisia, Algeria, Slovakia, Oman)

    103   reviewers

    30 accepted  papers (from more than 70 papers reviewed)

    7 students applications accepted to the doctoral symposium (from 17 received)

    6408 total visits for the ICTO2015 Website (since June 2014)

      1068 monthly avg./ 1816 best month/ 237 weekly avg./1176 best week

      34 daily avg./  585 best day

Keynote speakers:

Pr. Paola Dameri

Università di Genova


Yohan Ruso
Fondateur de Praditus et ancien DG d'Ebay France

Pr. Alessio Maria Braccini

Università della Tuscia


Conference partners:
Conference scope

Today, the role of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in shaping human activity in organizations and in society has become more and more prominent. But many decades after their introduction, the question remains:

What do we know about their design, their usage, and their impact?  What have we learned after all these years of research?

Closing session

Pierre Pariente

Président de l'esce


Best Papers

Best papers were selected for publication in a Springer volume (Lecturer Notes in Information Systems and Organisation) indexed by Scopus. 

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